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General classes are held during the week in jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical/contemporary, hip hop and musical theatre. These classes provide an opportunity to learn new routines with an emphasis on developing technique. These classes are ideal for beginner students who want to strengthen their technique and develop their self-confidence before facing the challenge of exams.

Modern Ballet Dancer
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Examinations are conducted in jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop in the BDA (British Dancing Association) syllabus once a year. Exams are optional, with successful students receiving a medal and certificate before advancing to the next grade. Training for exams strengthens technique and encourages dedication and self discipline. 


Jazz focuses on technique and deportment as well as learning choreographic skills. Students are taught a wide range of combinations and routines, as well as exercises to improve posture and develop and maintain co-ordination. Classes in jazz offer opportunities for participation in eisteddfods and exams.



Classes are taught using the BDA syllabus.  With an emphasis on  co-ordination, tap classes are the ideal way to make lots of noise and have fun! Basic skills are taught in the beginner classes, which allow for more complicated routines to be mastered in advanced years. 


Classical ballet is the perfect opportunity to develop and strengthen posture, technique and deportment. Highly recommended in senior years, training in classical ballet provides a foundation for other forms of dance. 



Borrowing from both jazz and classical ballet structures, modern contemporary offers a unique interpretation of dance, reflecting classical technique with a focus on contemporary style. Modern is a less structured form of dance, relying on creativity and inspiration.


One of the most popular classes, hip hop allows the student to unleash the performer within. Using a variety of the most modern and innovative moves, students will learn exciting new combinations and routines. It is recommended that students have had a basic training in jazz before discovering the excitement of hip hop. 

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Great opportunity for you and your toddler to spend some time together, moving to the music and introducing rhythm and co-ordination. By dancing together, you can be by your little one’s side the whole way through, learning lots and having fun. A great introduction to dance, before starting independent classes. 


Tiny Dancers classes are aimed at toddlers from age 3. A combination of both jazz and ballet, these classes help to develop co-ordination and rhythm using fun exercises and simple combinations. The classes run for half an hour and introduce the basics of ballet as well as encouraging the imagination through creative role play.

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Do you sit in the audience of musicals singing along to all of the songs not being able to keep your feet still?  Learn songs and dialogue from all of the hit shows and dance to your favourite songs.  The musical theatre dances are the highlight of our annual concert.  Don’t miss this great opportunity!


A fun fusion of jazz, tap and ballet, KinderDance is especially designed for students in their first year of school. Comprising of 20 minutes each of jazz, tap and ballet, KinderDance is the perfect class for those young dancers who can’t decide which style of dance they like best or are not ready for full length classes. 

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A modified version of KinderDance for the little dancers who are on their way to mastering skills in jazz, tap and ballet before starting school.

YOUR FIRST DANCE – Bridal Classes

Are you all ready for your special day? Whether you need a one off lesson to make your Bridal Dance perfect or if you and your partner have absolutely no idea, RDS can help! We offer classes to couples of all abilities, whether you just need some fine tuning or if you're starting from the very beginning. Both individual tuition and group classes are available. 

Dancing in Water
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