Welcome Back


Welcome to Rebecca’s Dance Studio. We are very excited to be opening for Term 4 and are happy to have you join us. The following information outlines the changes that we have made to adapt to our new conditions.


Ausdance NSW has outlined a number of conditions for classes to operate:

-          Students over 16 must be fully vaccinated;

-          All teachers must be fully vaccinated;

-          Everyone over 12 will need a facemask indoors and during class.

It will be RDS policy that all adults in the student’s household are fully vaccinated


All teachers and admin staff have completed the Australian Government’s online COVID-19 training course and RDS is a certified a Covid Safe business, with our safety plan approved by the NSW Government. The Studio has been professionally sanitised.


It’s a different world and there will be some changes to how classes are conducted.

· students will have their temperature checked upon entering the Studio;

· teachers and students will need to use hand sanitiser or wash their hands before and after each class.;· barres will be wiped down before each class. Barre work will comply with social distancing requirements;

· light switches will be wiped;

· there will be no partner work or floor work;

· any props used in pre-school classes will be disinfected daily. A separate set will be used for each class;

· classes will finish 5 minutes early to facilitate extra cleaning;

· dance shoes must be worn in all classes – no bare or stockinged feet;

· all students will need to be checked in using the Service NSW QR code – admin staff will help with this;

· parents and siblings are no longer able to wait in the Studios during class. As restrictions are relaxed, we look forward to welcoming you back into the Studios.


NEW PROCESS FOR CLASSES – KinderDance classes and older

Classes will be met downstairs by admin and teachers to help check your child in.  They will be taken upstairs to have their temperature taken and hands sanitized before class


Classes will end 5 minutes early. Children will be asked to sanitise their hands before being escorted downstairs and supervised until you collect them. Please collect your children promptly to avoid them having to gather for too long.


Parents and siblings are not permitted in the waiting rooms. We have your contact details on file and you are only a phone call and a flight of stairs away should your child need you.


Stay home if anyone in your family is sick! No one will be allowed into the Studio with a temperature, cold, runny nose or a cough.




Advise of any change in contact details – we need to keep accurate records



As some classes are now full, you will no longer be able to change classes without prior notice. If you need to change classes, please email me. Please also email me regarding make up classes so that I can let you know what is available.




I understand it is important not to be too far away from your Tiny Dancer. I want to accommodate you as much as I can. However, we need to abide by the new regulations. We only have a small waiting area that will fit 5 people in accordance with the 4 square metre rule (there can only be 1 person per 4 square metres of space).  Everyone over 16 must be fully vaccinated.


Everyone gains their confidence at different times. If your child is happy enough not to need you watching, then please either wait in the studio next door during weekday classes (maximum of 12 people, including siblings), in the martial arts waiting area next door or in your car. You’re only a phone call and a flight of stairs away. We will have phone lists at the desk of each class for easy access.


Please be considerate and understanding of less confident and our newer dancers. If someone needs mum, let them use the waiting area until calm is restored.


Of course, on arrival, take the time to settle your child if needed, but then please move away when you are able.


Please make sure your dancer has been to the toilet before class.


There has been so much change for children this year, and I realise that this will be another change for them. Talk to your ballerina before you return to dancing about where you will be waiting during class. You want her to have a good time and you won’t be far away.


Tips for making our new way of going to dancing easier:


- Talk to you little one before dancing starts and show her where you will be waiting when you get to the Studio;


- Compare dancing to pre-school – you’ll say goodbye, everyone will have lots of fun and then it will be time for pick up;

- Compare dancing to dropping off older siblings at the school gate with a kiss and a wave;

- Make it a game and practice at home – incorporate having your temperature taken, lining up at the door and marking the roll.


The more children in the class, the more parents and younger siblings there will be in the waiting areas. You may want to consider joining a smaller class.